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The Patrick Pinker Group - Price List

Prices shown on this page are exclusive of V.A.T.
Prices shown elsewhere on the website are exclusive of V.A.T. unless otherwise stated.

Feed & Bedding

TSBAL Top Spec Comprehensive Balancer £39.95
TSJOINT Top Spec Joint Balancer £35.95
TSLITE Top Spec Lite Balancer £20.75
TSANTI TopSpec Antilam £26.95
Beets and Straights
BRAN Bran £11.76
OATS Rolled Oats £5.99
SPBEET Speedibeet £12.36
FBX25 Supabeet pellets £7.96
Chaffs and Chops
DALFAL Dengie Alfa A Lite £13.76
DALFAMF Dengie Alfa A Molasses Free £15.36
DALFAOIL Dengie Alfa A Oil £15.90
DALFAO Dengie Alfa a Original £13.86
DHFL Dengie HiFi Lite £11.90
DHIFIMF Dengie Hifi Molassse Free £12.36
DHIFIO Dengie HiFi Original with Apple £12.50
MOLAPP Mollichaff Apple Chaff £5.76
MOLCALM Mollichaff Calmer £9.76
MOLDNK Mollichaff Donkey £10.16
MOLHO Mollichaff Hoofkind £7.96
MOLOR Mollichaff Original £5.50
TSALFA Top Spec TopChop Alfafa £11.50
TSTCL Top Spec TopChop Lite £11.46
Competition & Conditioting
APCC Allen & Page Calm & Condition £13.35
APPP Allen & Page Power & Performance £13.99
BNO4 Baileys No. 4 Top Line Cubes £13.99
STANCE Copra Coolstance £21.95
EQMSH Equerry Conditioning Cooler Mash £11.95
EQCONC Equerry Conditioning Cubes £11.95
EQSPTM Equerry Sports Mix £12.50
TSCC Top Spec Cool Condition Cubes £13.85
Complete Feeds
DNGHHMF Dengie Healthy Hooves Molasses Free £13.50
DNGNT Dengie Healthy Tummy P.O.A.
High Fibre
APFF Allen & Page Fast Fibre £10.49
BFIBP Baileys Fibreplus Nuggets £10.99
BHFCO Baileys Highfibre Complete £11.76
EQHFC Equerry High Fibre Cubes £8.96
RMGRN Rowen & Barbury Ready Fibre Mash £11.46
RMBLU Rowen & Barbury Ready Mash £13.60
RMRED Rowen & Barbury Ready Mash Extra £15.96
Non-Heating Cubes and Mixes
DHPAS Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix £12.36
PGSC Pegasus Cubes £5.99
PGSM Pegasus Mix £6.99
APVV Allen & Page Veteran Vitality £12.36
DH16+ Dodson & Horrell 16 Plus mix £14.50
Poultry Feed
SHCC5 Allen & Page Chick Crumb 5kg £4.50
SHLP5 Allen & Page Layers Pellets 5kg £3.95
SHSMC5 Allen & Page Super Mixed Corn 5kg £3.99
HENCC Henrys Chick Crumb 20kg £8.95
HENLM Henrys Layers Meal £7.20
HENLP Henrys Layers Pellets £7.20
HENMC Henrys Mixed Corn £6.55
FBX33 Aquamax £7.50
FBX30 Bedmax £7.50
EABED Easibed £7.50
FBX35 Megazorb £8.50
FBX32 Nedzbed pro £7.96
FBX31 Small Flake Wood Shavings £7.99
Skinners/ Dog Food
AKWRT Arkwrights Complete Chicken 15kg £9.49
FBX57 Breederpack Dog £9.99
DRJGD Dr John Gold 15kg £11.50
DRJSV Dr John Silver 15kg £10.49
DRJHYPO Dr Johns Hypoallergenic £16.49
SKLSNR Skinners 15kg Light & Senior £35.65
SKCR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Crunchy £21.99
SKDR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Duck and Rice £24.50
SKMTN Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Maintenance £18.99
SKMSL Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Muesli Mix £18.99
SKTR Skinners Field and Trial 15kg Turkey Joint Aid £35.69